Nursing Fashion Has Come A Long Way

Nursing has come a long way baby from the days of a fashionably stiff nurses cap, equally unappealing white dress and white hose, to the wonderful world of scrubs for RN and LPN nurses.

Whether you are allowed the freedom of choosing your own styles and prints or required to wear uniform office or hospital scrubs, the nursing fashion style today is a great world of comfort, pockets and designs.  Check out some of our favorites new for this season below, all available from Scrubs and Beyond at great prices, way cheaper than having to buy clothes and suits for a business office, and way more comfortable too.

Nursing Scrubs

NrG by Barco Active with Stretch!

OK I admit it, I love the coordinated bags and comfy nurses shoes too

 Nursing Bags Are In Style  Skechers Slip On Shoes Additional Colors Available