A Nurse's Expression

A nurse's expression of care, compassion, knowledge and professionalism is written all over their face.  An RN or LPN's face is probably the first face patients and their families will see in the medical treatment or exam room and very often the last medical face they will see.  Every smile or frown, touch and tone of voice means a thousand things to the patient.  Later on the patient may not even remember everything the nurse said, but they will always remember the look on their face and in their eyes when they said it. 

Nursing gifts of care goes way beyond giving an injection, assisting during surgery or giving instructions to patients and their families.  Dedicated healthcare professionals know that they can calm and soothe even while giving bad news just by their tone of voice, by the light of hope in their eyes, by the body language that says "I care about you".  The art of caring, to be able to give assurance to those who need it most is beyond the textbooks, the technology and the prayers.  It's a moment in time that lasts in many memories forever.

Love Peace Nurse It's In Your Hearts  Nurses Dedication More Than Just A Job

A nurse's expression may not always show what they are really feeling, but part of caring for those who need them is expressing to the patient not only medically what they need to know but also a reflection of what they need to feel during troubling and frightening times in their lives.