Patriotic Nurses

Patriotic nurses through the years are part of American history.  Nurses serving with the Red Cross throughout the wars in the USA and serving with the Military armed services in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines overseas.  Nursing the sick and wounded, holding the hands of soldiers who sacrificed everything to ensure our freedom.  Providing the nurse gifts of healing, caring, dedication and devotion to their patients, to our troops, to our country in dangerous times, unfriendly combat zones and in the harshest environments always there for everyone who needs them.

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Some of our favorite all time TV shows feature nurses in combat like M*A*S*H, China Beach, and they take a look at what fascinates us about our nursing heroes and medical dramas set in the middle of war zones.

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We honor our patriotic Nurses - from the past to those serving proudly today in the military and thank them for being the dedicated heroes they are.  Like Guardian Angels serving in Veterans Hospitals, War Zones and Military Bases their shining light is a ray of hope to so many.

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