Nurses Honoring Veterans Day Heroes

Nurses honoring Veterans Day - Thank you to all who have served in our military to keep us safe and free.  Thank you to all military troops serving today.  Who can forget thank you to our military families through the years who have sacrificed so much for so many.  To all of nurses who have served past and present in the military, we salute you this Veterans Day and Every Day!

Nurses Protocol 101 Coffee IV

Nurses Protocol 101 - If the coffee mug is too small, administer I.V. PRN.  Night shift, day shift, weekends and weekdays keep it flowing at work, at home and on the busy nursing go.

 Nurses Protocol Coffee 101

Browse Our Personalized Coffee Mugs For Nurses perfect gifts for RN nurses, LPN's, CNA's and Nursing Students.  If coffee doesn't work for your nursing style, try our mugs for your tea, hot chocolate or favorite beverage.

Nursing Fashion Has Come A Long Way

Nursing has come a long way baby from the days of a fashionably stiff nurses cap, equally unappealing white dress and white hose (all of which I admit to having worn at one point), to the wonderful world of scrubs for RN and LPN nurses.

Whether you are allowed the freedom of choosing your own styles and prints or required to wear uniform office or hospital scrubs, the nursing fashion style today is a great world of comfort, pockets and designs.  Check out some of our favorites new for this season below, all available from Scrubs and Beyond at great prices, way cheaper than having to buy clothes and suits for a business office, and way more comfortable too.

 Nurses Scrubs and Gear

Nursing Flexibles V-Neck Knit Panel Scrub Tops

OK I admit it, I love the coordinated bags and comfy nurses shoes too

Nursing Medical Slip Resistant Nursing Clogs Grey's Anatomy By Softwalk Vantage Nurses Athletic Shoes

Nurse Mates Ultimate Pink Ribbon Nursing Bag McCoy Medical Nurses Rock Canvas Totes

Nursing July 4th Freedom

Nursing July 4th is either completely "q" word or extreme chaos. More problems, more new admits from the Emergency Dept. More relatives coming to visit. Or totally boring with less visitors because they are all away and doing fireworks and BBQ fun or everyone was so busy having fun they didn't remember to not feel well.

Less surgeries scheduled if they can be because, well it's holiday weekend. 

But other than that, it's business as usual for a Nurse on Fourth of July. Patients to care for that would rather be well, be somewhere else. Medications on time. IV's to attend. Catheters and wound care. Time flies by until your shift is over. 

 Nurses Gifts Of Care Happy 4th of July

For you July 4th may have been just another day to be an awesome, compassionate, dedicated nurse. But for your patients, you made another day more bearable. Less scary. You were there for them. They were free to deal with their problems, because they had you to help them.

 RN Nurses USA Pride

 Nurses LPN USA Pride

Nurses Honoring Memorial Day

Memorial Day Honored By Nurses

Memorial Day is honored by Nurses.  Take some time, whether you are working this Memorial Day weekend, BBQ partying or shopping the stores to honor and remember our Military Heroes that sacrificed so that we may all be USA patriotic proud and free.  RN and LPN nurses, CNA's and everyone in the healthcare field wishes you a Happy Memorial Day.

Memorial Day Honored By Nurses

Male Nurses Rock

Male Nurses Do Rock.  I know that because I have been lucky enough to work with some of the best.

Sure many nurse guys face some prejudice and surprise, but overall they seem to handle all that with pride and respect for the job, the patients and their co-workers. A little sense of humor and a lot of patience and dedication, and most of the men I know that are nursing professionals are so top notch they come out ahead when faced with some challenges.  We honor and salute them just as we do all nurses.  LPN and RN Nurses are a very special dedicated class of people who shoulder the care and responsibility of strangers as though they were the most important person in the world every single one of them.

A great nurse makes all the difference in the world. A smile, some reassurance, just listening sometimes going above and beyond all the medical nursing school text book stuff every single nurse has learned and practiced and keeps on learning every single day.

We designed some extra special nursing graphics and gift ideas for our Male Nurse friends because, well they are proud of what they do and deserve to share that pride.

Ties For Guys

Medical Symbol Neck Tie RN Male Nurse Tie

Click on the ties to see the whole nurse collection - each tie can be customized from color to adding personalization if you wish.

Shirts, Hoodies and Active Wear For Male Nurses

Nursing RN Nurse A Male Nurse Hoody

We have dozens of styles, sizes, colors and customized apparel to choose from. Click on the shirts above to browse them all.

Cool Medical Theme and Nurses Designed Cookies, Brownies, Chocolates and Treats

Medical Symbol CookiesNurses Stethoscopes Candy Gifts

More great gift ideas for Male Nurses:

Nurses Medical Symbol WristwatchesRN Nurse Medical Cufflinks  RN Nurse Medical Symbols Silver-Colored Swirl Metal Keychain

Almost all of our gift ideas for Nurses can be personalized and custom colors, styles and sizes are available.  

Nurses Call The Shots Car Mat Medical Symbol Pack Of Golf Balls

Nursing Gifts For Male Nurses With Our Exclusive Fun Design Can Be Personalized Also

Male Nurse Trucker HatMale Nurses

Nurse's Week

Nurse's Week is in May every year and a great time to show appreciation to Nurses both RN and LPN nursing heroes that make a difference in so many lives, every single day.  I hope you have a wonderful nurses day and even get a hug or two along the way.

Nurses Week Hug A Nurse Today