Nurses Are Smart

Nurses are smart, highly educated and trained professionals that continue their education throughout their careers.  Some people think that nurses aren't smart or they would become doctors.  That is so not true.  To pass a Nursing Board Exam student nurses first have to pass classes in chemistry, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology and of course, biology.  It takes years of training both classroom and in healthcare settings getting hands-on before a nurse can even take the Boards. 

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Wise nurses are smart about people too.  Of course they are educated to take care of their patients, administer medication, assist with surgeries and handle a patient during some of the worst times in their lives.  But a smart, caring nurse knows that people need psychological care too.  They are frightened, angry and often very sad.  Nurses know that sometimes patients and their families often react and behave badly towards a nurse.  A smart LPN and RN knows it's not personal.  Nurses care for people in many different ways. 

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Nurses don't just follow a doctor's orders, they are a vital part of a healthcare team.  RN's and LPN's need to have excellent critical thinking skills and must have the confidence in their knowledge to make patient care decisions also.  They must be smart about recognizing symptoms, problems and changes in a patient's conditions.  Resourceful, alert nurses can make a huge difference in a patients positive treatment outcome.