Summer Camp Nurses

Summer Camp nurses have their hands full whether nursing at a day camp or sleep over camp.  Hundreds of young campers, counselors, staff and visiting families probably won't even think about the nurse until they need medical attention. 

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A great gift idea for a nurse who works in the summer camp are gifts they can use all year round while serving as a nursing professional like tote bags, water bottles and even cool t-shirts and tank tops that say RN or LPN.  Beyond the First Aid Kit, nurses will be very busy in this exciting and adventurous summer job.

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When you put your children on a bus to go to camp or drop them off for the summer you know they are going to have fun filled days filled with recreation, sports and new adventures.  Just think that behind the scenes are the staff nurses treating bee stings, sun burns, scrapes, scratches and sports related injuries that are bound to happen.  Children and Counselors may get sick with viruses, colds or even heat related illness and the nurses are there to treat them. 


The Staff Nurses are an important part of the Summer Camp Team always focusing on safety and reducing the risk of injuries and illness.  Children may have asthma, diabetes or other medical conditions and the nursing staff will be prepared to help them with their medication and keep an extra eye on them noting any special needs or changes in health.

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Nurses keeping everyone hydrated, healthy, smiling and safe means everyone is a Happy Camper this summer!