All Nurses Welcome

All nurses are welcome on our blog and we believe every nurse makes a difference to so many people, affecting so many lives in so many ways.  Whether you are an RN, LPN, LVN, a CNA, Home Health Aide or Student Nurse we know the gifts of care, compassion and strength you give to millions of patients and their families during some of the most frightening, confusing and demanding times of their lives.

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We meet up with nurses throughout our lives.  In school we have visited the School Nurses.  Every doctor's office appointment whether its for a preventive medicine check up or something more serious, we depend on the nursing staff in the office to take our blood pressure, explain instructions to us, give us a shot or draw some blood.  Emergency Room visits are all about the Nurses with an occasional visit from a doctor. 

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If you are a nurse, we thank you for all you do in every situation.  If you are a student nurse, we salute you for taking on the future career filled with compassion, hard work and dedication.

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